BassTEK Agitator Tungsten Shakey Head Jigs
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BassTEK Agitator Tungsten Shakey Head Jigs

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This new BassTEK Agitator Tungsten Shaky Head combo jig is a great jig for mutliple finesse presentations, from Shakey head, jig worrming, swimming grubs, stupid tubes and much more!  It's unique shape is a hyrbid between an old fashioned ball head jig and a finesse football shakey head.  Tungsten heads deliver ultra sensitivity in an ultra compact design plus environmentally friendly.

1/16oz - 4 per pack - 3/0
1/8oz - 3 per pack - 3/0
3/16oz - 3 per pack - 3/0
1/4oz - 2 per pack - 4/0

 Perfect for following rigs:

Ned Rig
Jig Worm
Shaky Head
Swimming Grubs
Flick Shake
Wacky Jigs

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