BassTEK Skirted Tungsten Bass Jigs
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BassTEK Skirted Tungsten Bass Jigs

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BassTEK Skirted Tungsten Flipping Jigs

Great Jig for flipping and pitcing heavy cover.  This tungsten jig will reach bass your daddy's lead jig never could!
97% Solid Tungsten Jig Heads

Product Description
BassTEK Tungsten Flipping Jigs offer many advantages over traditional lead or bisthmus jigs.  They slide through grass & cover easier because tungsten is much smaller than lead.  Tungsten is also more sensitive than lead, letting you feel more strikes, tell what kind of cover is on the bottom & just catch more fish.  Our skirts are composed of 55 strands of super pliable 100% Silicone for a tremendous action, & some of the most eye and fish catching colors ever seen. Skirts bands have dual rattle collars and each jig comes with two 16mm black rattles.  The premium coating on the heads & extra strong 4/0 - 5/0 Black Nickel 60° Mustad Hook make BassTEK Flipping Jigs the best on market, period!!!

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Color Options for Skirted Jigs:

Green Pumpkin

Black Blue

Magic Craw 

Black Brown Green Pump
Okeechobee Craw
Watermelon Mardi Gras
Missouri Craw

White - Albino
Light Green Pumpkin


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