Black 1/2 ounce Tungsten Flipping Jig
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BassTEK Tungsten Flipping Jigs UnSkirted 3pk

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  • Item #: TBJ-3pk
  • Manufacturer: BassTEK
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3 Pack of 3/8oz, 1/2oz & 3/4oz unskirted Tungsten Flipping Jigs

Great dock, brush, pad & grass jigs and much more, ready to add or tie your own custom fish catching skirts.
97% Solid Tungsten Jig Heads

Product Description
BassTEK Tungsten Flipping Jigs offer many advantages over traditional lead jigs.  They slide through grass & cover easier because tungsten is much smaller than lead.  Tungsten is also more sensitive than lead, letting you feel more strikes, tell what kind of cover is on the bottom & just catch more fish. The premium coatings on the heads & extra strong 4/0 or 5/0 Black Nickel 60° Mustad Hook make BassTEK  Flipping Jigs the best on market, period!!!

Jig Head Color Options:

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